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site direction

site direction


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[Main work contents]

(1) Hearing customer requests

During site creation, we conduct hearings on functions and design, etc., and allocate work volumes and schedules.

(2) WBS sharing and corresponding schedule management

By sharing the WBS that clarifies the work and the schedule management until the site is released with the customer, we will minimize the gap between requests and schedule management and member assignments to meet the desired delivery date. increase.

(3) Confirmation of operation and quality control before publishing the site

We will check if the content meets your request, check the operation and purchase when adding functions, and confirm that there is no hindrance to the operation of the site.

* We may contact you for a separate estimate depending on the content of your request and the size of the site.

* Depending on the content of your request , it may deviate from the desired delivery date. In that case, please consult us in advance. I am allowed to.

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